VMware vSphere Mobile Watchlist

The vSphere Mobile Watchlist is a free mobile app allowing iPhone and Android users to monitor and remediate vSphere infrastructure from their smart phone. Watchlist enables users to connect to standalone ESXi hosts or vCenter Servers and remotely perform a number of management tasks such as resource configuration, power and snapshot management, or view performance stats, events and alerts. The app features custom watch lists of hosts and virtual machines on your home page, or you can drill down into the vCenter to examine vSphere objects.

In order to use vSphere Mobile Watchlist the smart phone must have a VPN or local connection to the network where the vCenter or ESXi hosts are connected. An iPhone can connect to a VPN by browsing to Settings > General > VPN and adding the VPN connection details, or by using a third party app. For more details on setting up a VPN on iPhone see this article.

  • Download the VMware vSphere Mobile Watchlist from the Apple or Google App Store.
  • Enter the credentials for the vCenter Server and hit Login.
  • If the vCenter Server is not using a trusted certificate then you will be prompted with a message confirming the certificate is not trusted, enable the Trust On First Use setting to continue.
  • From the home page click the add icon to add hosts or virtual machines to your watchlist.
  • Once you have opened a virtual machine or host object swipe across to access the different tasks.
  • Any vSphere errors are accompanied with diagnostic information and VMware Support KB articles, you can also forward this information on to an email contact.
  • The VMware Technology Network has further information and troubleshooting tips.

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