Configuring a Turbonomic Cloud Target

Quick post covering how to add a cloud target such as AWS or Azure to Turbonomic Operations Manager. The steps outlined below assume that you have an existing Turbonomic appliance installed, for assistance with installing Turbononic see the Turbonomic Install Guide. If you are testing or building a proof of concept you can deploy a Turbonomic instance directly within AWS, for more information see Installing Turbonomic AWS Cloud Manager.

Cloud target accounts can now be used to plan cloud migrations, see Planning Cloud Migration with Turbonomic.

Open a web browser to the IP address or FQDN of your Turbonomic instance, log in as administrator. Open the Admin tab, under Target Configuration click Add to add a new target.


In the example below we will add an AWS target. A user account is needed to connect Turbonomic to the target AWS account. If you already have a service account for such purposes you can skip this step, otherwise follow the steps below to create a new user. If you want to read more about AWS users and permissions click here.

AWS – New User

Open the AWS console and expand the drop down Services menu. Under Security, Identity & Compliance select IAM (Identity and Access Management). Click Users and then Add User. Configure a username and select Programmatic access to generate an access key ID and access key secret. Click Next.


Next we need to assign permissions to the user, select Attach existing policies directly. Search for, and select, AmazonS3FullAcess and AmazonEC2FullAccess. Click Next.


Check the information on the review page, it should look something like the screenshot below. Click Create User.


The user will now be created and the access key ID and secret generated. Make a note of both the access key ID and the secret, if possible record these details in a password safe, since they cannot be retrieved from AWS once you exit this page.

AWS – Add Target

Go back to the Turbonomic web UI, if you weren’t already there navigate to the Admin tab, and under Target Configuration click Add to add a new target. Select Cloud Management as the target type and AWS.

Enter an identifiable name for the AWS account in the address field. You will need the the access key details we recorded earlier; enter the access key ID in the username field and the access key secret in the password field. To commit the information click Add, then Apply.


The AWS target has been successfully added when the status changes from discovering to validated.

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