Removing a vCenter Endpoint from vRA 7.x

This post will walk through the process of removing a vCenter Endpoint from vRA 7.3. Before beginning it is a good idea to take a backup of the vRA database, and snapshot the vRA management stack. Ensure there are no existing virtual machines provisioned to the vCenter Endpoint we are removing. A reservation cannot be removed while virtual machines are assigned to it. Log into the vRA tenant web portal. You can check existing virtual machines from the Infrastructure tab under Managed Machines using the Reservation filter. Still on the Infrastructure tab, from the navigation pane on the left hand side select Reservations, Reservations. Select and Delete any reservations using compute resources associated with the vCenter Endpoint.

The next step is to remove the compute resources. Download the vRealize CloudClient here, at the time of writing the latest version is 4.4.0. Extract the contents to a Windows machine with access to the vRA management stack. In this example I am using one of the IaaS web servers. From an elevated command prompt run the VMware_vRealize_CloudClient-4.4.0-5511232\bin\cloudclient.bat file and accept the EULA. The first thing we will do for ease of use is to create an auto login file using login autologinfile and close down Cloud Client.


In the root directory of the extracted folder a file is created called Open the file with notepad and enter the FQDN or IP address of the vRA appliance and IaaS load balance name in the appropriate fields, along with administrator credentials for both.


Open back up the VMware_vRealize_CloudClient-4.4.0-5511232\bin\cloudclient.bat file in an elevated command prompt, by default the auto login file will be used. Accept any certificate warnings when prompted.

When using Cloud Client you can tab out to see available commands. We’ll need the following:

vra computeresource list displays a list of compute resources

vra computeresource inactive list displays a list of inactive compute resources


At this stage before actually deleting the compute resources we need to stop the VMware vCloud Automation Center Agent service on the vRA Agent servers.

vra computeresource inactive remove removes the listed inactive compute resources

continue confirms deletion of the compute resources

agents stopped confirms agents are stopped, at this point the compute resources will be removed


Go back into the vRA tenant web UI, from the Infrastructure tab check in Compute Resources, or Endpoints, Fabric Groups. Click the fabric group previously containing the compute resources, they have now been removed.

The final step is to remove the endpoint, this can be done in the web UI under Infrastructure, Endpoints, Endpoints. Select the endpoint and click Delete. Alternatively the endpoint can be removed from Cloud Client using vra endpoint remove --id <endpoint> where <endpoint> is the endpoint name. Remember to remove the auto login file.

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