VMworld 2017 Europe General Session 2

Pat Gelsinger welcomed us to day 2 of VMworld in Barcelona and invited on stage Chief Technology Officer Ray O’Farrell and VMware Chief Operating Officer Sanjay Poonen. The session opened with an informal Q&A sitting, using questions put forward by VMworld attendees. Sanjay Poonen spoke about the NSX licensing model continuing to provide added value, and while VMware are always looking to listen to feedback, simplify pricing, and bring together more packaging of products (such as the Cloud Foundation model) there are no plans to dissolve NSX licensing into vSphere. Ray O’Farrell discussed the depreciation of the flash web client, and confirmed that the next release of the HTML5 client will reach full feature parity (currently 90%). Pat talked about continuing the journey of containers and cloud integrated applications, through the evolution of Photon and bringing together the world of development and operations as an overall picture; delivering developer ready, enterprise robust solutions.

This moved us nicely on to the introduction of Pivotal’s Senior VP James Watters to talk about the future of containers and the importance of the role VMware can play. We heard about how many companies need to ensure pragmatic investments in the modern infrastructure, such as leveraging public or hybrid cloud and hyper-convergence. James and Pat discussed Pivotal Container Service (PKS) launched by Pivotal and VMware, in partnership with Google Cloud to deploy and run containerized workloads across multiple cloud environments. Pivotal Container Ser ensures the latest version of Kubernetes API is constantly available in vSphere and features built in HA, automation, and monitoring. You can read more about PKS here.

While there wasn’t as much content to write home about as the first general session yesterday, we were treated to an extended live demo of a number of exciting new products. We were presented with the fictional company Elastic Sky Pizza, with falling share prices and customer data breaches. Members of the Senior VP team Chris Wolf and Purnima Padmanabhan were brought onto the stage to talk about how VMware can intervene with a product set to turn things around.


Building on the discussion yesterday of how App Defence is able to monitor deviations from the intended good state, and set remediation actions across the infrastructure, we saw a live demo of the product in action. App Defence allows security teams and application owners to work hand in hand, as we saw when App Defence sent out an alert and allowed an application owner to verify that the suspect file was indeed safe. The use of App Defence meant our fictional company could begin to restore customer trust by protecting against future data breaches.

In order to identify and tackle resource issues within the current vSphere cluster vROps was used hand in hand with VMware Cloud on AWS to deploy a new Software Defined Data Center (SDDC), and migrate existing workloads into the cloud. We saw how quickly a new Kubernete cluster on vsphere can be spun up using Pivotal Container Service (PKS), and discussed a number of the VMware Cloud Services for consistent operation across all clouds, in particular NSX Cloud. Another cool product we saw in action was VMware Wavefront; for real-time metric monitoring of clouds and modern applications that rely on containers and microservices. This enabled developers at our fictional company to optimise new applications and services using analytic data, charts, and query results. It was also great to finally see VMware HCX migrate workloads to the IBM Cloud, quickly and securely.

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