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vSphere Management Assistant Guide

The vSphere Management Assistant (vMA) can be used to remotely manage and troubleshoot multiple hosts from the command line. The vSphere Management Assistant is a SUSE Linux Enterprise based virtual appliance deployed within your vSphere infrastructure, it allows centralised management and troubleshooting of multiple ESXi hosts with automatic login, and scripting tools for developers. The […]

Troubleshooting with ESXi Shell

The ESXi Shell gives us a subset of commands for troubleshooting and managing individual ESXi hosts. ESXi Shell can be useful to quickly investigate and resolve issues with single hosts, for example if management agents are unresponsive. This section will cover how to enable ESXi Shell, how to access the ESXi Shell, and how to […]

Troubleshooting with ESXTOP

This post will take a look over some of the useful commands for troubleshooting performance using ESXTOP. To access esxtop open a connection to your host using the ESXi shell. This can be done with an SSH client, such as putty, using port 22 and your root login details. For more information on enabling and […]