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vspheretroubleshootVMware Troubleshooting Guide – an essential handbook for administrators in small to mid-market business. Download for free now

Mastering vSphere – best Practices, Optimizing Configurations & More. Download for free now

Ransomware: A Survival Guide – how it affects individuals and organizations, and how to protect yourself against attacks. Download for free now

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5 Performance-boosting vSphere Features You’re Missing Out On –  discover 5 lesser-known features and capabilities to unleash the full power of vSphere – all freely available on the Essentials Plus licensing level. Watch for free

How to Migrate to VMware for Hyper-V administrators – this webinar takes Hyper-V Administrators through the steps required to migrate to the VMware platform – an increasingly important skill for IT professionals. Watch for free

How VMware VSAN can reduce costs and simplify your VM Storage – this webinar covers everything you need to know about planning, purchasing, and implementing Hyperconverged setups with VMware VSAN. It’s no longer out of your reach! If you’re interested in VMware’s VSAN technology, this is the webinar for you! Watch for free

Migrating to Hyper-V for VMware administrators – this session is geared towards VMware admins who are looking to broaden their horizons by adding Hyper-V know-how to their toolbox. You’ll learn about Hyper-V clustering, management differences, and migrating VMs from ESXi to Hyper-V. Watch for free

VMware Troubleshooting – troubleshooting complex virtualization technology is something that system administrators have to face at some point, and it’s not always easy to get things up and running again. This webinar covers the most common problems experienced in VMware vSphere. >Watch for free

FOREVER FREE VM Backup for your Hyper-V and VMware

Need to back up your virtual machines? Altaro VM Backup is a fast, affordable, high performance backup solution, specially developed for small and mid-market businesses. Providing an agile, streamlined solution that is easy to implement, Altaro VM Backup is the natural choice for Hyper-V and VMware data recovery. Download a fully functional 30-day trial of Altaro VM Backup (Unlimited Plus Edition) or download the Free Edition, free forever, for up to 2 VMs per host. Visit and see how easily you can securely back up your virtual machines.

  • Easy to use – you can install and run your first virtual machine (VM) backup in less than 15 minutes
  • Powerful, fast centralised control – monitor and manage all your installations from a single online console
  • Outstanding support – lightning call response of 30 seconds or less
  • Unbeatable value – avoid bloated prices