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Guest Introspection Lost Communication

Quick post to reference an issue with Guest Introspection ESX Agents briefly but consistently losing connectivity. There are a number of causes to Guest Introspection communication errors; such as network and certificate issues, administrator@vsphere.local or service account lock outs, and firewall or network misconfiguration. In our case the lost communication errors would occur and then […]

Service Deployment Failed: vibNotInstalled

When installing service deployments such as Guest Introspection through NSX Manager the installation fails. The host task displays error Cannot complete the operation. See the event log for details. The event log displays error event.com.vmware.vim.eam.issue.vibNotInstalled.fullFormat. The service deployment shows the error Agent VIB module cannot be detected on the host. This may be due to […]

NSX Manager Guest Introspection

Guest introspection is a service that is deployed from NSX Manager to offload security functions to a dedicated security appliance on each host; thus removing the need for an AV agent within the guest operating system. Using the Guest Introspection driver baked into VMware Tools and a third party service virtual machine, such as McAfee […]