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vRealize Operations High Availability

Following on from the vRealize Operations 6.4 Install Guide this post will detail High Availability (HA) for vRealize Operations Manager. By implementing HA the analytics cluster is protected against the loss of a single node. For example should the master node fail, services will automatically fail over to the replica node within 2-3 minutes. Following […]

Configuring vCenter 6.5 High Availability

The vCenter Server Appliance now provides vCenter High Availability with vSphere 6.5 onwards. By implementing vCenter HA you can protect your vCenter from host and hardware failures, and significantly reduce down time during patching due to the active / standby nature of the vCenter cluster. The vCenter HA architecture is made up of the components […]

Configuring a vSphere Cluster

Following on from the VMware ESXi 6.x Install Guide and the vCenter Server Appliance 6.5 Install Guide, this post gives an overview on vSphere clusters and how to create a DRS and HA enabled cluster. By leveraging shared storage resources such as SAN, NAS, and DAS, vCenter Server can provide high availability and resource management […]