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Updating Nimble OS

Although non-disruptive upgrades are a great feature of Nimble storage arrays, I’ll not be throwing administrative best practises out of the window just yet; and will be completing this update out of core business hours.

At the time of writing Nimble software updates are only available by downloading directly on the storage device. This shouldn’t be a problem since Nimble support is centred around remote monitoring, however if you do have an array without internet connectivity then the software can be manually obtained from Nimble support. The release notes are available on the Infosight portal but there are no download links.

Log into the web interface of the Nimble device. Select the Administration drop down menu and click Software.


On the software page click Download to download the latest operating system version, this does not being the update process but downloads the software to the array. If you have obtained the software from Nimble support click Upload and browse to the folder location.


Once the software has downloaded click Update. In this example we are upgrading from v2.3.14 to v3.4.1. The process involves updating one controller at a time, since they run as active / passive there should be no outage.

When prompted with the license agreement click Agree. Click Ok to the message about clearing your browser cache and reloading the page once the update is complete.


The update will now commence, keep in mind that you may see the process stages ‘1 of 7’ jump forward and then back a step, this is normal. Once the first controller has finished updating the browser will reload during fail-over.


Once the update is complete you will be returned to the software page, where the current version number should now be updated. Some of the menu pages look a little different, such as the home page. If you have any issues with the web client at this stage then delete your browsing history and restart the browser.


Check in recent events, you should see the software successfully updated message for both controllers. If you have email notifications setup you will also have been notified of this via email. It’s worth checking over the servers that have Nimble storage volumes mounted and that all paths are available.