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McAfee MOVE with NSX Install Guide

McAfee Management for Optimised Virtual Environments (MOVE) is an anti-virus solution that removes the need for an individual agent install on every guest virtual machine, providing performance benefits and administrative savings at the same time as full anti-virus and malware protection. MOVE Agentless AntiVirus safeguards virtualised environments using advanced malware protection; integrating real-time threat intelligence […]

NSX Manager Guest Introspection

Guest introspection is a service that is deployed from NSX Manager to offload security functions to a dedicated security appliance on each host; thus removing the need for an AV agent within the guest operating system. Using the Guest Introspection driver baked into VMware Tools and a third party service virtual machine, such as McAfee […]

Upgrading vShield Manager to NSX Manager

VMware vCloud Networking and Security 5.5.x reaches end of life 19th September 2016, the vCloud Networking and Security suite is being replaced by NSX. The final release of vCNS was compatible with vSphere 6, however with the caveat that any new vSphere 6 features have not been tested. This combined with the imminent end of […]