• VMware vCenter Server 7.0 Install Guide
    This post provides a walkthrough for installing the latest iteration of vCenter Server 7.0; bringing cloud-native workloads to the data centre with embedded Kubernetes and Tanzu on VMware Cloud Foundation. The vCenter Server installation bundle comes as an ISO file mountable on a Windows, Linux, or Mac device. The installer must be run from a […]
  • Google Cloud VMware Engine Explained
    Google Cloud VMware Engine is a fully managed VMware-as-a-Service solution provided and managed by Google. VMware Engine runs VMware Cloud Foundation on dedicated Google Cloud bare metal servers, with native cloud integrations including Google’s innovative big data and machine-learning services. The VMware Cloud Foundation stack is made up of VMware vSphere, vCenter, NSX-T, and vSAN. […]
  • AWS FSx File Server Storage for VMware Cloud on AWS
    Amazon FSx for Windows File Server is an excellent example of quick and easy native AWS service integration with VMware Cloud on AWS. Hosting a Windows file share is a common setup in on-premises data centres, it might be across Windows Servers or dedicated file-based storage presenting Server Message Block (SMB) / Common Internet File […]
  • How to Deploy VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure
    This post provides a high-level walkthrough of the VMware Horizon Cloud on Azure deployment, with some additional gotchas and insights. As with any cloud computing article features and functionality change quickly so multiple information sources should be used, some are listed in this article. Introduction VMware Horizon Cloud is a cloud-native virtual desktop platform that […]
  • Alexa, Add 2 Hosts to my SDDC
    Recently I was doing labs for the AWS Developer Associate exam when it occurred to me that some time ago, I read a VMware blog about using Amazon Alexa to invoke VMware Cloud Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). The post was Amazon Alexa and VMware Cloud on AWS by Gilles Chekroun, and I decided to give […]
  • Building AWS Environments for VMware Cloud Customers
    This post will walk through the example design below; building out the Amazon Web Services (AWS) framework enabling VMware Cloud on AWS customers to start using AWS at scale, alongside VMware workloads. The key focus will be around the control of multiple accounts, using AWS Organizations and Service Control Policies, and cross-account connectivity, with Transit […]
  • vSphere 7 with Kubernetes and Tanzu on VMware Cloud Foundation
    vSphere 7 Cloud Infrastructure for Modern Applications Part 1 vSphere 7 Cloud Infrastructure for Modern Applications Part 2: VMware Cloud Foundation 4 VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) 4 delivers vSphere with Kubernetes at cloud scale, bringing together developers and IT operations by providing a full-stack Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) for Virtual Machines (VMs) and containers. By utilising […]
  • vSphere 7 and vSAN 7 Headline New Features
    vSphere 7 Cloud Infrastructure for Modern Applications Part 1: vSphere 7 Cloud Infrastructure for Modern Applications Part 2 vSphere 7 with Kubernetes Now and over the next 5 years, we will see a shift in how applications are built and run. In 2019 Line of Business (LOB) IT, or shadow IT, spend exceeded Infrastructure and […]
  • AWS Native Services Integration With VMware Cloud on AWS
    This post lists some of the available options for connecting VMware Cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS) with native AWS services for hybrid cloud deployments. Read more about multi-account and VPC management at Building AWS Environments for VMware Cloud Customers. The most common way of consuming AWS services with VMware Cloud on AWS is to […]
  • VMware Cloud on AWS Security One Stop Shop
    Kicking off 2020 with the theme of the year – security. To keep this content accurate, the bulk of it has been quoted from the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) VMware Cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS) self-assessment. The CSA defines best practises for secure cloud computing environments. The full assessment can be found here under […]
  • The Importance of VMware Cloud on AWS Storage Policies
    This post talks about the importance of using Storage Policies with VMware Cloud on AWS to ensure the most efficient consumption of the available vSAN capacity. As a VMware Cloud on AWS customer, this is something we initially overlooked, allowing the default policy to remain in place for some time. The end result was burning […]
  • Bridging the Gap Between NHS and Public Cloud with VMware Cloud on AWS
    Following on from How VMware is Accelerating NHS Cloud Adoption, this post dives into more detail around how the UK National Health Service (NHS) can use VMware Cloud on AWS to bridge the gap between existing investments and Public Cloud. Part 1: How VMware is Accelerating NHS Cloud Adoption Part 2: Bridging the Gap Between NHS […]
  • How to Migrate VMware Virtual Machines to VMware Cloud on AWS
    This post pulls together the workload migration planning and lessons learned notes made during a real-life customer use case of evacuation an on-premise data centre to VMware Cloud (VMC) on AWS (Amazon Web Services). The content is a work in progress and intended as a generic list of considerations and useful links for both VMware […]
  • Understand VMware Tanzu, Pacific, and Kubernetes for VMware Administrators
    This post was last updated 26/10/2019 and provides an overview of VMware Tanzu and Project Pacific. Peanut Butter & Jelly VMware and Kubernetes There will be more apps deployed in the next 5 years than in the last 40 years (source: Introducing Project Pacific: Transforming vSphere into the App Platform of the Future). The VMware strategy […]
  • Watch a Failover from Direct Connect to Backup VPN for VMware Cloud on AWS
    This post demonstrates a simulated failure of Amazon Direct Connect, with VMware Cloud (VMC) on Amazon Web Services (AWS). In this setup, the standby VPN has been configured to provide connectivity in the event of a Direct Connect failure. The environment consists of a 6 host stretched cluster in the eu-west-2 (London) region, across Availability […]